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Play Online Bingo for Real Money and See What it Has to Offer

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Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to play online bingo for real money? It really is possible. There are now hundreds of websites around the world offering online bingo opportunities, and very few of them deal in just credit for their platforms. The majority of the time you can withdraw your winnings to your accounts, and there are even bonuses available for various reasons.

But knowing this brings up a lot of questions. What are the chances of winning through online games and is it better than playing at a real bingo hall? Here are some of the answers to your questions.

What Is the Online Version of Bingo?

Many people want to know the truth about online bingo. They need to know the pros and cons and whether it really is possible to win large amounts of real money. Online bingo is extremely popular and gives you the chance to play the game from the comfort of your own home. There are a variety of companies offering software, including Playtech and BTG Gaming.

The software is set up with a random number generator. This picks the numbers, similarly to the way real bingo uses balls. The technology ensures that no two games are alike, evening the chances of winning. The numbers show up on the screen, and it is up to the user to mark them off and press the call button (this system varies between companies) to call when they have the winning line or full house. 

Different Types of Online Bingo

There are four types usually played across the globe. In the United States and Canada, 75-ball bingo is the one most usually played. This uses a card that is 5x5 and the centre square usually has a star or some other indication that it is free. The five columns have BINGO written across the top, to help make calling the numbers easier.

90-ball bingo is commonly played across parts of Europe, including the UK, South America and in Australia. There are three lines of nine blocks, which contain numbers 1-9, 20-29, 30-39 and so on until the last which is 80-90.

30-ball bingo is the next most popular option, which has a 3x3 card. This is usually a relatively short game.

Finally, 80-ball bingo is available, which mixes the 75-ball and 90-ball versions of the game. The cards are 4x4 squares.

Chances of Winning at Online Bingo

Everyone wants to know the best site for winning at online bingo. The truth is that there is no best site. Like in real casinos and bingo halls, it is a game of chance and luck.

The only real differences between the sites are the terms for playing. Some require certain deposit amounts before you can withdraw your money, while others let your withdraw whenever you want. There are also different bonuses available, and each of these have their specific rules surrounding them. In most cases, you can’t withdraw your bonuses without spending or winning a certain amount within a certain period of time.

Online Bingo for Real Money

It is important to check the terms of all sites. At the same time, it’s worth checking that they are regulated. Unfortunately, some of the sites are not regulated by the proper authorities, and you can never be certain whether they are following the best standards for fair play. This is more of a concern for casinos though rather than bingo—eventually, someone has to win at bingo!

Real vs. Online Bingo

So, which is better? This will depend on what you really want from the games. Both types offer their own pros and cons.

Online bingo gives you the ability to sit at home (or at work!) and play. You don’t need to leave the house, suiting those who prefer their home, to stay away from crowds or have mobility issues. It is easy to set limits for the amount you spend; but you need to stick to your budget.

Real bingo halls often offer more sociability. While there are chat rooms on the online bingo websites, you don’t see people face to face. While you’re waiting for the changes between the games, you can get into a full conversation, read facial expressions and get drinks with people, instead of trying to type out everything on the screen.

Offline halls also have fewer conditions set to your winnings. As long as you call at the right time, you get to walk away with the amount you win. But there are not as many bonuses available like there are with online sites.

Online bingo is a popular pastime for people. Now all you need to do is find the best website for your needs. There are so many, but you need to find ones that operate with fair play and have the best withdrawal options.

Status of Online Bingo in the United Kingdom

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Internet bingo has grown to popularity in the United Kingdom. This online version makes use of a casual (hit-or-miss) number generator compared to the white plastic balls used in traditional bingo games. The unique feature of the online version is chat functionality. Web-based bingo sites are seeking to produce interaction among players for purposes of customer retention. According to recent research, gross gaming revenue globally except for the United States is over $1 billion after 2010.

There used to be a lot of bingo halls and clubs in the UK. However, many halls were closed after 2005 which saw a significant drop in revenues. Likewise, the number of bingo clubs went down from about 600 in 2005 to 400 in January of 2014. The shutting down of these facilities was due to rising taxes, growth of online gambling and the smoking ban.

The 2005 Gambling Act (United Kingdom) shapes the rules of online bingo n this country. It falls under the category of remote gambling. The fundamental policy is that any site that advertises bingo games in the United Kingdom should be based on the approved or white-listed country. These countries should enforce stringent laws on gambling that concur with the rules and regulations imposed by the UK.

online bingo in UK


Gambling should always be conducted fairly and will never be a source of crime, unrest or should not be used to support criminality. It must not affect minors (children) and persons with disabilities. All gambling operators are covered by laws on money laundering and financial integrity. Online bingo players must be able to get hold of English rules and claim winnings for a long duration.

Online bingo sites also have specific rules which should be accessible to everyone. Players must be 18 years old and above and come from a country where gambling is allowed. Online bingo is only for individual entertainment. There is a limitation of one account for every player. Promotions and bonuses will also maintain separate terms and conditions. These should be very easy to access and comprehend.

Traditional bingo games still remain popular although each one has separate supporters and fans. Online bingo is also a game of chance and it takes luck to win but there are some techniques that can in some way affect the player’s chances of winning or the outcome of a particular game. A common tip is for the player to plan for the number of cards that should be played. Just like regular bingo games, the player with more cards has more opportunities to win. Take advantage of chat rooms which are provided by online sites. There are also some sites that supply information regarding the number of players that you will play against in an online game. It is more of a hint on the number of cards that you have to get to boost your probability of winning. One of the most widely held sites in the UK is called Bingo Champ. Get a simple form from its home page to register.

What to look for when selecting an online bingo bonus

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With many online bingo sites to consider, the initial bonuses should be given careful consideration and you should certainly choose an online bingo site which offers bonuses that are worth your time and effort.

Many online bingo sites offer to match your first deposit, so if you deposit £10 they’ll give you an additional £10 to play with – meaning you’ll actually have £20 to play with. This isn’t a bad offer; however there are other offers out there that are miles better than that.

Free Money!

The first bonus you should be looking for is a welcome bonus that is completely free and doesn’t involve you parting with any money at all to begin with; all you’ll have to do is simply become a member. This type of bonus is great as, not only do you not have to part with any money straight away, but you’ll also get to see if that particular bingo site suits your eye. The chances are you’ll be suitably impressed though as why else would they be giving away FREE MONEY!

First deposit bonus!

Great bonuses shouldn’t stop there though, and after the free money you should be looking for a second bonus – a first deposit bonus (as described earlier). However, you really shouldn’t be happy with taking a matched first deposit or one that gives you a 100% matched deposit because that sort of first deposit bonus is really low compared to some sites.

Ideally, you should be looking for a 300% first deposit bonus; a bonus that if you deposit £10 gives you an extra £30 to play with and giving you £40 to play with in total. Just think how many more chances you’ll have of winning a big cash prize or even a jackpot when you can buy all those extra bingo cards. To claim this offer visit now.

Re-deposit bonus!

Whilst those two bonuses have probably got you reaching for your computer to become a member of an online bingo site – don’t be happy if your bonuses stop there – as there should still be plenty more to come.

Next up, you should be looking at re-deposit bonuses which entitle you to a bonus every time you deposit money, and you shouldn’t be accepting anything less than a 50% re-deposit bonus from your online bingo site.

Loyalty Points

But that’s still not enough, because you also want to make sure you get the added bonus of loyalty points for every game of bingo that you play. You should also be able to redeem these loyalty points by turning them into cash which you can use to buy tickets for any bingo game of your choice.

And yes – there should be even more!

VIP Club

You should be joining an online bingo site that has a great VIP club; one that appreciates your custom and rewards your loyalty. A good VIP club should tailor a program to suit an individual players needs, and keeps a close watch on them so it knows when you deserve to be promoted to the next level of the VIP Club.

Don’t ever think that your loyalty doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with bonuses such as Free spins at the casino, free bingo games and CashBack on losses – and that’s just when you’re on the bottom rung.

Once you climb the VIP ladder, you should expect to get a 75% re-deposit bonus on all the deposits you make, 30 free spins on a slot machine every week, and a 20% CashBack bonus every Monday.


So come on – if your online bingo site isn’t giving you all that – then become a member of one that does! 

Choosing a bingo site

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If you’ve not yet joined a bingo site, you may be wondering how to choose where to play. There is a huge choice of sites to play online bingo at and all of them have tempting incentives for you to join their site rather than another one.

Bear these points in mind when you’re deciding where to play bingo.


For a quick round-up of a number of different sites, look at a couple of the bingo review sites. As well as pure bingo sites, many casino sites and most of the major bookmakers now have their own bingo offering. For example, you can check out the Ladbrokes bingo rating at and compare it with other online bingo providers – whether your focus is the bingo bonus that is available or the choice of games on a particular site.


As mentioned above, there are plenty of bingo bonuses to take advantage of. If you’re going to sign up to play, you may as well benefit from some free playing credit at the same time. Some sites will offer a welcome bonus that matches your initial deposit (100%) while others will double it (200% bonus)or more. There are also sites that will reward customer loyalty by offering 50% bonuses on subsequent deposits, so it’s worth checking out the different bonuses that are available before you decide where to play.

The games

As well as getting your hands on any free cash, you also need to be confident that you’re going to enjoy the range of games that the site offers. Register on a few sites without putting down a deposit and have a good look around. Try out games for free if they’re on offer and see what kinds of prizes are available. Some sites have larger jackpot prizes than others, and others offer more free games for their players. Also think about how user-friendly the site is; it’s always an important consideration.

The social element

Bingo isn’t just about going for the big prizes. There’s a social side to online bingo too, with bingo chat rooms often being the heart of a site. If you’re interested in socialising with other players, check out the different ambiences you’ll find on different sites – you may feel that one site is more ‘you’ than another!


Spending a little time on research before you pay any money into a bingo site should help you find a good site to play at. And of course, if you decide to change sites further down the line, there’s nothing to stop you doing so.

Online Slots – Do You Have the Best Site

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For slot and casino games lovers, online is the way to go for the obvious reason that, unlike the local casino joint, there are so many games online. You will be spoilt for choice. Many gaming websites provide different games that one can play right on the site by clicking on the particular game you are interested in and enjoying playing it instantly, like the fantastic four slot games site for instance. The best thing about these slot games is that you can win real money as you enjoy your game.

How to find the best site for online slots
What is it that you will look for in a good online slots or casino? Ensure that the slot site that you turn to has safe wagering, comes with a good selection of games, has fairly attractive odds and more importantly, comes with generous and genuine promotions. Preferably, the slot site that you chose should have valid licensing and contain strict regulations from the relevant authorities. The software that it uses for gaming should be tested thoroughly and frequently to ensure that they are secure and safe.

Additionally, the site should possess excellent customer care services that are dedicated to efficiently serve you and provide the best gaming experiences for you and all the other players. Where you choose to find online slots site for real cash, the site should give you your money’s worth. The particular site that you choose should provide generous slots bonuses like the deposit match that will offer you some extra bucks for wagering.

Additionally, the slot site should have slot tournaments and certain award giveaways that will help to reward the loyalty that you maintain and for the replenishment of your account. It would also be an important strategy if you settled for a slot site with a variety of games to play. These can be anything from animated characters, fantastic games, just let it have a developed storyline that will enable its characters to efficiently interact with you from the outside of the reels.

Texas Hold´em was not That Popular Back Then

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The game of Texas hold´em didn´t have an easy history at all according to the gambling chronicles. The game is over the entire century old, being dated to the now far away 1900. It slowly raised to prominence among the card players in Texas, but the official gambling places didn´t want to introduce the game into their facilities despite the fact that this strategic poker game was the one that truly required brains and skills, which screamed the possibility for entertainment and large flows of money, loudly.

The first game of Texas hold´em was played in the heart of the gambling industry, Las Vegas, in 1967 in one gambling room only. Then in 1969 there was a try to gather all of the Texas hold´em professionals at one place in the Dunes Casino, which does not exist nowadays. But things were not still so bright for this type of game and it was searching for it´s place under the sun at the speed of a snail pace.

And it was not until the beginning of the 21st century that Texas hold´em became popular, thanks to media channels such as unibet, that gave effect with their involvement which publicized the game through literature, internet and of course – television, especially through the public broadcasting of the Poker tournaments of every kind. Some of the most notorious Texas hold´em players of all times are: - Doyle Brunson who is also knwn as the ?godfather of poker?, and at the age of 74 he is still an agile and active player.

- Daniel Negreanu, with his Romanian origins, won his entrance into the very VIP poker world by winning the very 2000$ Pot Limit Texas Hol´em event. - then there is phil ivey who is considered to be the best poker and Texas hold´em player ever, as well as the most feared poker player, as well.